Welcome to Six Hundred Downtown


Six Hundred Downtown is a good old fashioned pizzeria, the way they used to be and they the way they were meant to be. We feel that pizza making is an art and we strive to create the best pizza we possibly can. We hand spin our pizzas the old fashioned way and we bake our pizzas in an old fashioned brick oven. Each pizza is handcrafted just for you. Yes, your pizza may have a little char on it or a little burnt spot here or there, but that is the way pizza is supposed to be .

We are a completely independent restaurant, locally owned and operated by 4 time World & 3 Time US Pizza Champion Michael Shepherd. In addition to being a World Pizza Champion, Michael is also a certified Italian Pizza Maker, certified in both Classic Italian Pizza and Neopolitan Pizza by the Scuola Italiana Pizzaiolo. Michael has also been featured on the Food Network, Discovery Channel and has traveled the world doing acrobatic pizza show with his team, the World Pizza Champions.

So what’s with our name? Six Hundred Degrees Fahrenheit is the starting point for baking our pizzas. The temperature where perfection is baked. Our classic Italian and Midwest Style pizzas bake at Six Hundred Degrees and our Neo-Neapolitan pizzas bake at nearly Seven Hundred Degrees, creating the perfectly baked pizza.